Monday, January 01, 2007


Time To Put This Baby To Bed!

Oh Yikes you guys! How could you stand being on the trail with me, I stink!!! At keeping up this blog that is. We are definintely finished...I missed several miles for some of you, and never added mine in for my trip to HI and before that. I just went over the last few posts and comments and see that you guys got in TONS of miles! Wow! When I started this, I promise you I had the best of intentions to keep this blog up and running and to keep up my end of the miles and it just got away from me. There were so many days I just plain forgot about it. Dieting and excercise are not my forte' despite being on one for the last 18 years!

I thank each and every one of you for the miles and smiles you have put into this project. You truely did motivate me on many occasions to get on that treadmill or get out on the trail and I got in many more miles this past year than I would have without it. You are all an inspiration to me!

Lori & Stef, it looks like I'll be moving out your way this that happens, I definitely won't be running with you, but I'd sure like to hike with you! LOL...

Hawaii was a blast as Lori told you, and we got TONS Of miles in that week...I'd guess at least 30 if not more. There was a 36 hour period where we hiked close to 15 miles! It was FABULOUS!

I hope that 2007 brings all of you everything you could possibly want and more. If any of you are interested in taking over this blog to log miles or just to log excercise time or races or whathaveyou, just email me and I will turn it over to you (give you the password) I'd be happy to hike along or report miles but I'm a HORRIBLE moderator and as you probably noticed, not very consistant. Again I apologize for that. Let me know if you want the password, otherwise, I'm thinking maybe we could just keep it as it is now and just log in whenever with what we're doing to excercise or keep fit without any rhyme or reason to it.
What say you?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Black Bear Hunt

The Great Dismal Swamp is teeming with Black Bears. I have seen their marks left on trees and more recently saw lots of their droppings full of berry seeds. They are giving permits for a hunt to lottery winners. This Sunday felt like a brisk day and a good time to go for a run with Stefan and my husband. I thought we were headed to the Dismal Trail in NC near the VA border. It was a huge error in communication when we ended up at the Dismal Trail in Suffolk...the trail where the sponsored bear hunt is to take place.
I went along with the run but felt a little jumpy after seeing the bear droppings! I saw where the hunt is set for the Dec. 1 so I hoped that the bears were in hiding. What would you do if you were a bear?
A) Hide now
B) Eat everyone in sight cause there may be no "tomorrow"
We really have to get some effective communication going on around here. It could be a matter of life of death!
P.S. I am reporting only 10 more for last week. Hard to get back to life after Hawaii. I think we should be finished with this trail!

Sunday, November 12, 2006



We are back from Oahu and the Big Island. Many miles covered. We saw lava flowing into the ocean and some ancient petroglyphs. Trail Guide took many pictures. We hiked about 12 miles on one particular day. Trail Guide swam many miles while snorkling in Hunama Bay. The water was rough and I am not a good ocean swimmer. I practiced laying on the beach! We hiked Diamond Head and walked while we shopped in many places. I am estimating 30 miles for each of us and I am going to add 5 miles more for the horse ride along the beach and into the set of 'Lost.' It was my first time on a horse and now I am "hooked." Maybe Trail Guide will post some pictures here...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


You're not by yourself

Lori and Stef you are not the only ones out here. My computer has been loaned out to my ever procrastinating college daughter to finish her midterms. I got in 6 last week and then I have 9 this week so far. I'm sure we must be there by now. How's everyone else doing?

Sunday, September 24, 2006


woo hoo

I FINALLY GOT IN SOME MILES LAST WEEK!!!! I actually got to the gym TWICE. I know, I know, my goal was 5 times, but hey I'll start with twice. I got in 6. More to come next week!!


Report Them!

Well, for the week we are reporting in with 20 miles. We ended up at Jockey's Ridge State Park (NC) with an accessible wheelchair going up those high dunes, at the Wright Brother's Memorial with the jogging stroller going up that high "mountain" so Stef could touch the base of the monument, on a path along the Great Dismal Swamp canal, and at some places closer to home. After the canal trail we saw a post that stated the area has tested positive for both EEE and West Nile virus. I think these are the types of posts to read before you go out willy nilly on the trails but if you don't see 'em til you get back....
How did everyone do? I cannot wait until Fall weather and a break in this humidity. I will want to pitch a tent in the yard just to enjoy it!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Cyber Hikers

Miles for the week!
We got in 10 miles but had the heart to do more...for whatever that's worth!HA!
If you let me count bike miles put 5 more to that. Stef was in the bike trailer on the mountain bike trails and 5 miles is all I could handle seeing him tip on 2 wheels and fly down the hills. He loved it but our equipment is getting old (dry rot on the bike trailer) and I kept thinking he was going to fly through a duct taped seam! Adventures!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Chapman Falls


Got It!

Ok...I added Lori & Stef's 51 more miles, and in the meantime, DH and I hiked 3 miles day before yesterday, kayaked 6 miles (I won't log the kayak miles, but was thrilled at the amount of excercise) and hiked 2 more miles today. I swear ladies, I think we should count double for the miles we do uphill! YIKES...I am so sore! My knee, heel spurs, shoulders and back are all killing me, but it was worth every second of it! I'll try to upload a video I took of a's a short video. I do ok uploading them some days and other days it just doesn't work. We'll see. In the meantime, here is a pic or two from todays hike! I literally had to climb on my hands and knees in a couple of spots up that rock you see in the pic of the rock wall. I wasn't wearing proper shoes in order to be easy on my heel spur, next time I'll wear the hiking boots, it's much safer! LOL...we had a great time though.

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